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  1. I'm interested in the Nexys Video FPGA board. In most areas the board is just what I need. The one I need to verify is parallel I/O. In my application, I will need 40 or 50 general-purpose I/O signals. These will connect to a custom-made board. In the case of the Nexys Video board, the connection will need to be through the FMC connector. I've looked for these connectors and find the Digikey says "no longer made". Also, your website doesn't have any of the connectors for sale. Is there any way I could get a connector to put on my own board to match the FMC on the Nexys Video? The high I/O requirement has made most of your boards unusable for my application. Please let suggest if there's another board I should consider. I've quite successfully used Nexys 3 Spartan 6 board, but this has become obsolete and I need to move on. Thanks! Allan