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  1. It's nothing very urgent so it's perfect. Thank you for the great feedback guys!
  2. Hi JColvin, My application requires the use of components who are only found in a surface mount format so a protoshield is not ideal. In fact the shield I would be designing should look a lot like this but my own circuitry printed on it instead of a protoboard look. I'm finally looking for the spacing between the J5 and J6 connectors (according to the reference manual nomenclature) and the spacing between pins. I could measure those with a vernier scale, but a technical drawing would be ideal if you happen to have one. Thanks
  3. Hello, I'm looking for an Altium PCB template for an Uno32 homemade shield who makes use of all the pins of the board. I would also be pleased with a "technical drawing" of the board which shows the spacing between the different connectors and pin banks so I could make my own template in case I couldn't find any. Thank you