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  1. Folks, I'm the fella who did that video. If you feel I showed the Analog Discovery in a poor light, that was not my intention: I was simply trying to demonstrate the differences between the AD1 and AD2. As entry level USB based scopes go, the AD1 and AD2 are without doubt the best I've ever used, not only due to the plethora of features, but, most importantly, it has the best UI I've ever used. It's pretty self explanetary, very responsive and very reliable. I should add that usually I use bench scopes, there's nothing like a proper old fashioned knobs and buttons UI when probing about, but when on the road the hassle of having to carry a "proper" scope is often not worth it. Most of my work is embedded mixed signal, and although the bandwidth isn't great on the AD, it's good enough for most things I end up doing when travelling. Remember, for digital work the LA will extend your ability to debug digital signals well into 10s of MHz. So in short, I'm a fan, and if you can't go the bench scope way, the ADs are about as good as it gets at the entry level, but I'd also add you should really also get the BNC board and a pair of probes. Cheers, Howard (aka Nezbrun on Youtube)