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  1. harrisjd

    Digilent Design Contest 2015

    See this thread for design contest discussion.
  2. Yes, a contest open to students from around the world.
  3. There will be a contest in the EU region in 2015. Details can be found here: http://www.digilentdesigncontest.com/ There will not be a US based contest in 2015. Check back for possible worldwide online only contest.
  4. harrisjd

    Netfpga Sume Pricing And Availabililty

  5. harrisjd

    Netfpga Sume Pricing And Availabililty

    What is the target pricing and availability for the new NetFPGA SUME board? http://netfpga.org/2014/#/systems/1netfpga-sume/details/
  6. harrisjd

    Basys3 new product!

    Is Basys2 going to be discontinued now that Basys3 is launched?