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  1. thank you, i'll try a code that lights a led when a key from the keyboard is pressed and let you know. thanks for your help
  2. oh, im sorry it looks like i posted the same file twice( Detecteur_Sequence.txt my state machine.txt). here is my state machine attached. What this state machine does is to detect a sequence entered from the keyboard. The sequence is LLHK. I detect the keycode sent by the keyboard and if the sequence is right opendoor should be 1(like a signal to open the door if the owner enters the right code). my state machine.txt
  3. Hi guys, Im a newbie in this fiels, just started to learn ISE and using nexys 3 board Spartan 6. Just to mention it's for school. What I did is that I created a state machine to recognize a code then wright OK. The state machine is simple but my problem is with the keyboard, the code that the state machine should recongnize should be entered from the keyboard, I read the documentation about keyboard and nexys 3, it says it uses PS/2 and keyboard send data and clock, but I didn't understand well about what I should do to the clock, can someone explain it to me or tell me somewhere I can find good doc to make it function.I tried to put the keyboard in USB HID port but it didn't even put on its lights, is this normal. (if you have any advices please don't esitate, I know Im missing lots of things and I need someone to push me) (I attached my machine state code and a keyboard code I found on the internet, I didnt understand how it gets data from the key board and what it does exactly to the PS2_Clk) contraites1.ucf Detecteur_Sequence.txt my state machine.txt ps2_keyboard.txt