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  1. Hi Attila, It does not run properly for me from the deb files. There is a run-time error. But if the code can't be recompiled on this architecture, and the code is closed-source, then I'll use the other board to drive it, as that does seem to work. Sean
  2. I recently purchased a Digilent Analog Disccovery 2 scope, and tried to install it on a 64-bit ARM Amlogic S905 quad-core processor (an Odroid C2 board). Seems that the Adept 2 runtime is compiled for a 32-bit CPU and cannot be run on the 64-bit S905. Is there any possibiliy of recompiling the source for Adept 2 for a 64-bit ARM CPU? I will do it myself if the source is open, but I can only seem to find precompiled installer files. I can, however, install and run the Waveform and Adept codes on a 32-bit ARM board (Odroid XU4). I would prefer to use the C2 to drive the scope if possible. Sean
  3. Thanks for the response, Attila, The web site maintainers have now fixed the problem and I was able to download the software. Sean
  4. I have just received a Discovery 2 and tried to download the waveforms 2015 software. On the site for the download I get redirected to and a message that firefox is unable to connect. Does anyone know of any other way to get these files? Does anyone else have trouble getting this download? Sean