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  1. Thanks for the feedback [email protected] and JColvin. It seems that USB is out of the question since its only a slave port. The only board I can use for this class is Nexys 4 DDR so my resources are limited. Now I am thinking of using I2C to connect a compatible video camera. Does anyone have any helpful tutorials or references to interface the video this way? Thanks! -Char
  2. Hello everyone, I am using a Nexys 4 DDR for a school project. I am building a system that uses a video camera to detect and track human motion. Several questions: 1. Which port should I use to connect the camera? The immediate one available on the board is the USB host connector, but is it possible to use it to connect a camera? 2. Are there any PMODs available to connect a camera module? 3. Any recommendations for a specific camera model to use for this project? Basically, I need to take the video input, perform some filtering to recognize face and arms, downsample the video and store it in a memory buffer, and output the video real-time to a VGA monitor. Thanks!