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  1. Hi Mohs, thanks for writing. I'm sorry for responding late as I was overseas for vacation. I'll take a look and respond to you. : )
  2. Thank you JColvin for the response. I'm aware of the forum member and their project you mentioned. In fact, I'm grateful to @hamster as he has been helpful in guiding me before on doing a similar project with Zybo, which involved directing camera stream to VGA output. I did that project before starting with the project I'm currently stuck in. I was successfully able to do that project.
  3. Thank you very much for your insightful and elaborated reply Dan. All your suggestions mean a lot as they have the motivating power to keep me busy in learning while not stopping just because things wouldn't work 'auto-magically'.
  4. Greetings everyone, This is the first ever post of a beginner who has set on the path to learn embedded systems. Please forgive me if haven't followed rules of posting. I took the embedded system plunge few weeks back. Bought a strong laptop, a Zybo board, OV7670 camera, installed Vivado. Read online tutorials like 'blinking LEDs' and 'HDMI-to-VGA out' (and the others ones in Zynq Book) to get myself accustomed with Vivado etc. [Abbreviations in the text: PS= Processing System, PL= Programmable Logic] I have been visiting a blog lately and have found that quite helpful. A couple of