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  1. thank you so much Sergiu. it worked.
  2. Hi Sergiu, First of all thanks for replying. Power led is ON and other led's are blinking. In the Device manager COM port is working fine. I and using Vivado 2016.1 operating system window 8.1 64bit.
  3. Bilal_Ahmad

    Nexys 4 FPGA board

    Hi all, I am using Nexys 4 FPGA board, facing a problem in Vivado 2016.1. After Bitstream generation, Hardware manager could not detect the target board. The error is "ERROR: [Labtoolstcl 44-469] There is no current hw_target.". The screenshot is also attached and error is highlighted. I have reinstalled FTDI drivers once again. any other suggestion to solve this problem. Thanks in advance. Regards Bilal Ahmad
  4. Hi all, I am a new comer here. I would like to discuss my problems regarding FPGA and hardware design. Regards Bilal Ahmad