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  1. Hello everyone, I have a quick question regarding the Zynq 7000-Development Board. I will be inputting a sound into the board, filtering and delaying the sound, and emitting the new sound through another speaker. My question is if the board has a built in audio codec to produce the new sound or will I have to develop some code for an audio codec? I have been looking at the product page and I haven't really noticed anything saying that it does. If I do need to produce code for an audio codec, would anyone have some links to help me get started in creating some code? VHDL or Matlab (I heard Matlab was easier). Thank you in advance for all your help.
  2. kodyhaugli

    Fpga Board Suggestion

    Hello, My name is Kody Haugli and I am a fourth year Electrical Engineering student at the University of Calgary. Me and my project team are working on an active noise cancelling system for an industry sponsor and we need a little help finding an FPGA board that would handle our needs. A generalized view of our solution is: To have a speaker emit a recorded noise that was taken from the transformer that includes all of the ambient noiseHave a a microphone pick up the noise and have it converted to a digital signalFilter out all of the ambient noise as well as the third harmonics to leave us with a pure 120Hz signalTime delay this purely 120Hz signal to create an antiphase waveformEmit the antiphase signal through a speaker and hopefully create destructive interference to reduce the dB level of our original noiseI have been searching through the Digilent FPGA boards and we belive that the Basys 3 would be able to handle this application, but we thought we would get an experts suggestion as to using the proper board and the proper Pmod expansions. We do have a budget limit and were hoping that a board $200 or less would work. Overall, our board needs to be able to handle he following peripherals: 2 microphones1 speakerA/D and D/A Pmod expasions (if needed)Pmod audio amplifier for the speakerPmod expansion to handle 2 micrphonesWe were also hoping to program this board with Vivado and Matlab. Thank you in advance for your helpful information. Regards, Kod Haugli