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  1. Thanks Kaitlyn, I will be happy to post the project when completed. In my spare time I have been collecting raw data from the actuator for creation of table and PID control. Had a bit of research to do for OEM control sequence of operations. The original application enables the supercharger @ 3000 rpm. The actuator follows mass air flow closing as air is increasing. PID loop table here. Easier method would be stepper motor program. The stepper motor program will allow me to collect EGT (exhaust gas temp) and boost pressure for engine safety. Much mechanical to do's but beyo
  2. Edge triggered D flip flops once you set up a counter to maintain the desired frequency setpoints. Asynchronous inputs required to tag the desired Fr output to the next register. If it a Synchronous input then loop CLR at the desired MSB. Hope this helps a bit, Are you using Altera or Spice? hmmmm
  3. Well I went with the uC32, and a couple of i/o boards. It is favorable for my application since it requires a bit of connection skills and a computer to access. It is a drive by wire actuator but not throttle, The actuator controls a supercharger bypass valve. All retrofitted. I am very pleased with the board so far My HP (AMD) opened up the port right away but the dell (INTEL) had some issues. Working like a champ now. New to Arduino but an old MPLAB IDE assembly man. Matrix Flowcode does not support the 32 bit micro-controller either. I uploaded a simple knob control pro
  4. Hi JColvin, Thanks for the response and a few examples. Have some homework to do on the actuators driver requirements and research a board with programmable PID loop with safety inputs. The carebot board is a promising choice and an external circuit could be added to alter the needs of the actuator. PIC 32 is very desirable at this point. I will do a write up on this if I decide to go this route so others can follow if desired. Best, M
  5. Might require pin assignment and variable designation in assembly. I have had to do this on some of PIC legacy micro-controllers. Best, M
  6. Hi Guys/Gals. Following a link to the NI Beagle Bone Black cape, came across this: It is used to drive four servo-motors with many bells and whistles so to speak. My application is a drive by wire actuator. I am sure this will work but it seems overkill. Anyone have a similar application and board recommendation that uses less real estate? Best, M