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  1. Do you happen to know if Waveforms 2015 / Adept is using the system libraries? Since the problem was repaired by updating to Ubuntu 16.04 I'm guessing yes...
  2. It appears it has been fixed. It was the technical forum link at the bottom of the main page. It was originally placing me at the url: ""
  3. I don't think the Analog Discovery product line was placed in a poor light here. He displayed the limitations of portable computer oscilloscope. It depends on what you are using this product for.
  4. I installed Ubuntu 16.04 it appears to have repaired the issue. Unsure of what it was.
  5. Possibly related. Hello, the problem is caused by a bug in glibc package: The problem can only reproduced on systems using TSX mutexes like Skylake or Broadwell CPUs. Workaround: diff -r -u ike-orig/source/libith/libith.cpp ike/source/libith/libith.cpp --- ike-orig/source/libith/libith.cpp 2012-02-10 08:05:36.000000000 +0100 +++ ike/
  6. Hi Everyone! I'm attempting use Waveforms with Ubuntu 15.10. I've installed Adept runtime, and Waveforms 2015 through .debs. Waveforms on start only displays a blackscreen and the terminal reports the following error: waveforms: pthread_mutex_unlock.c:87: __pthread_mutex_unlock_usercnt: Assertion `type == PTHREAD_MUTEX_ERRORCHECK_NP' failed. Aborted (core dumped) If I attempt the cli I receive the following: Set range and print the actual obtained range: dwfcmd connect analogio channel=1 range=5V range dwfcmd: pthread_mutex_unlock.c:87: __pthread_mutex_unlock