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  1. Can a math function be used to trigger waveform capture? I'm doing a difference voltage across a shunt resistor. the magnitude is rather small, so triggering on the difference would be much preferred.
  2. Hi, I have an analog discovery with the 2015 firmware, 3.2.6 on a 64bit machine. I need to trigger on a waveform(a good solid edge, like a reset deassert), then zoom in on a glitch about 450ms post trigger. By "zoom in" I mean expand the timebase so I can see the nature of the glitch. With the single timebase setting, there is inadequate granularity to see what might be going on. See attached pic. Can analog discovery do this? If so, how? if a different product is needed, please suggest it. thanks, tim
  3. I now have a waveform recorded with waveforms 2015. I can manipulate this original waveform in magnitude, frequency and offset (which is great!). I observe frequency jitter which I believe is introduced as the waveform is looped using the fixed number of captured samples. This is voltage data from a 3 phase turbine, a mechanical system, so I strongly suspect the observed discontinuities are a measurement artifact and not present in the real system. Is there an easy way within waveform 2015 to trim the file to a fixed number of cycles to better represent the real world? Or do I need to do this trim inside excell before import?
  4. Hi Attila, thanks for all your help. I downloaded the 2.9.4 version, when I get to the path screen, the text says to install to a different folder use the browse button. Unfortunately the browse button is greyed out and I cannot select it. tim
  5. good to know a csv intermediate file needed to get from old captured data to new. 1. can old waveforms coexist with waveforms 2015? the new version over wrote the old one. 2. regarding csv file previously posted, this is what I see. maybe I'm doing something wrong. I sort of expected the sample number to be plotted as the x axis and the second column to be plotted as the y axis. seems it plotted column 1,2 as the x and y axis respectively, thus the 45 degree line. I actually want the C2 column. do I need to manipulate the csv file to get this? thanks for your help, tim
  6. this is from the attached file 4_6_2016 field data with comparator in thumping with shelf.dwfscopedata
  7. I found how to import the files, but they seem to be empty or all near zero value; these were captured from the older software.
  8. Nice, that's just what I want to do. Unfortunately I don't have a "field data" selection under type. here is a pic. I have 2015 3.2.6. How can I get the field data selection? thanks, tim
  9. I'm using the original analog discovery module and have captured scope plots that I want to play out using the waveform generator. I could do this with the older software, v2.62 but after upgrading to waveforms 2015 (v3.26) I cannot seem to do the same thing. or maybe I just haven't found the right way to go about it in waveforms 2015. I have a csv file that I have previously converted from the scope capture. 1. How can I play out the waveform using the csv file (file attached)? 2. How can I read old scope captures in waveforms 2015 (file attached)? thanks, tim field data test 1.csv 4_6_2016 field data with comparator input and board input ch2 take 5 with glitch.dwfscopedata