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  1. Luigi

    Luigi Sabatini

    To Close this topic. Preliminary FW/SW tests are finished. All test states that the Genesys 2 FT2232 interface pefectly operate if controlled by the FTDI native API i.e. without any ADEPT Usage. Yhe Genesys 2 is a very good evaluation board and perfectly integrates to any PC controller.
  2. Luigi

    Luigi Sabatini

    Only to update anybody interested to this topic (i.e.SW Accessing to Genesys 2 FT 2232 by direct usage of FTDI API, so overpassing ADEPT); As I did state this approach is needed to implement an independent (no Digilent restricted) interface layer To day I did start to implemeny the application and to connect this SW Application to the Genesys 2 FT2232 USB2 Interface, untill now all seems to work fine: As a very ancient Borland developer I'm using RAD Studio 10.1; Untill now results are: API Imported and linked Device can be Open (FT_Open); Device can be Closed( FT_Close); When Device is Opened from SW, JTAG Channel can't be accessed (as expected, the device is a dual port and Port A is used for JTAG; Closing the device JTAG works normally; Device mode can be set from SW (FT_SetBitMode, I did test tre modes); Device can be READ (i.e. PC write to FW) (this fnction was partially tested becouse no FW is connected) Starting from this preliminary results I can move to design the FW side of the application, This will require some weeks (4 weeks was needed to me to develop the FT600-USB3 FW side); I Know that ADEPT library provids an VHDL model for DPTI interfacing but I prefer to design the interface by myself; That is all results from the first day trials. I'll keep update this session for anybody interested to connect Genesys in USB2 using the ON board provided FT2232 Interface. Luigi
  3. Luigi

    Luigi Sabatini

    Hi [email protected], As I did suppose, Digilent has a proprietary API interface layer so any FW/SW application will run only on Digilent compatible boards, This is good reason to avoid ADEPT layers usage. That isn't my policy, Untill now my FW can run an Avnet boards,Enclustra boards and Genesys without compilation problems.. From my side I don't intend to re-program the chip. I will simply try to control it by the FTDI API. I can't suppose that USB SW interface can damage the Genesys 2. From my side as long as possible I'll avoid to write a SW application layers that will run only on Genesys. Surely JTAG or VCOM are standard but slow and poor interface channels. My need is to have a minimum SW/FW streeming capability of sustained 200 Mbit/s that should be compatible with the FTDI device.. Tanks. Luigi
  4. Luigi

    Luigi Sabatini

    It seems that GENESYS should work fine using FTDI API/Drivers Today I did perform a specific test onto the Genesys using the FTDI utility FT Prog, the utility perfectly detects the FT2232 H On Board device, The device is programmed by board manufacturer. The question now is if it can also be programmed by the users. Anyway I did state to try to address it by C++ SW driver. Luigi
  5. Luigi

    Luigi Sabatini

    Hi hamster, I have to clarify my question,I did refer to SW interfacing to the device, the on-board(don't in schemtic) FT2232H provide an 8 bit USB2 480 Mbit/s SW to FW interfacing. ADEPT provide C/C++ libraries (API) to implement DPTI/DSPI SW-FW communication, The same capability is provided by FTDI API/Drivers. As long as possible I prefer to develop using a 'standard' and reusable Design approach, i.e. a design that can be used on any platform using FTDI devices. Virtual serial port is a very slow approach where high bandwidth SW-FW communication is the target, really the USB3 (FTDI -FT600) is best approach providing 32bit 3000 Mbit/s of transfer-rate SW to FW interfacing, the best Genesys 2 on bord protocol is the "FDTDI-FT245 Synchronous FIFO Mode" That I will use to implement SW-FW communication without an added external interface. Luigi
  6. Luigi

    Luigi Sabatini

    Genesys 2 provides an on board undocumented FT2232 USB2 SW interface. This device should be addressed using Adept 2. My question is if adept can be avoided using standard drivers and libraries provided by the FTDI manufacturer. Luigi
  7. Luigi

    Genesys 2 FT2232 undocmented

    I have to answer to myself..... I discover the following signals data into xdc file. They seems to refer to the 'gost FTDI 2232 Port. prog_clko prog_d0/sck prog_d1/mosi prog_d2/miso prog_d3/ss prog_d[4] prog_d[5] prog_d[6] prog_d[7] prog_oen prog_rdn prog_rxfn prog_siwun prog_spien prog_txen prog_wrn They seer
  8. We refer to "PC - FPGA Data Transfer (DPTI/DSPI)" function detailed into the Genesys User Manual The IC20-FT2232 is clearly visible on the Genesys 2 Board but is undocumented in board schematic, UCF connection are missing, In this approach This function is fully unusable. Question 1: Can Anybody provide details on the IC20 Gost connectivity...!!!!. Question 2: Is This port compatible with ADEPT SDK?? Luigi
  9. UCF/XCF data of of SDRAM on board of Genesys 2 isn't inside the provided XDC file (Pin allocation of SDRAM is missing). Anyway Connectivity can be solved manually recovering pin names and functions from the provided board schematic. Should be better to fill these data inside XDC reference file.