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  1. Thanks again Lari Really appreciate. Also, much of the new stuff is in here: Also, Ubidots provides exclusive IoT service for chipKit WiFire.
  2. Thank you again Mr. J. So like I said, I tried everything the community suggested and it didn't worked. I've uploaded some pics (just link because the forum doesn't allow me to post directly) to show what i get after compilation and testing the MPR121. for Arduino for chipkit In theory, the chipkit should give me a response if IS working or IS NOT working, but it doesn't. It gives me the same behaviour even if i completely disconne
  3. Thanks J. I've contacted Keith V. the creator of the library and all he told me is the following: So far, I still haven't managed how to port from Wire to DTWI so I guess I will cry again. But hey, thank you for your help too J.
  4. Still nothing. The Serial Monitor just says "Adafruit MPR121 Capacitive Touch sensor test" and nothing more happens. Is like the code hangs at some point, or can't read the registers. Do i need to use the IRQ pin? On arduino i leave it floating and everything goes well still. Probably because the original code was i2c based code. Anyway, thanks a lot J. Hope i can get this sorted at some point before the deadline.
  5. Hello again J. I'm using the same version (0150-windows-20150204-test) and don't think i haven't tried that trick already. Yes, it does compile but it doesn't actually work. I hook my MPR121 with the correct 2 wires and when I open the serial viewer it just says "Adafruit MPR121 Capacitive Touch sensor test", nothing after that. When I use my Arduino Uno to test the code, it works perfectly. It says "MPR121 found!" and it displays my touch inputs. But it works only with wire.endTransmission(false); if I change in the Arduino Uno compiler the wire.endTransmission(false); to wire.endTransmissio
  6. I already started a thread in chipKit forums( and ( but no one was able to reply so you guys are my last hope. In my last post() I discussed about my intention to use a 2 wire interface device/I2C but I got problems whenever I go. I use a chipkit Wi-Fire board and i want to use an MPR121 capacitive touchpad with it and I have 2 coding options: - The sparkfun's MPR121 code approach( which uses i2c functions which is massive and the code gives me a m
  7. Thanks J Is unrelated so I will open another thread hoping someone can help. In the meantime, I hope miss Lari can help me with this one. Cheers!
  8. Thank you miss Lari. To put it simple, my uni. project requires me to write a program that uses a cloud service to connect to send alert signals to a website or an android app for example when an event happens(in my case, when someone passes by an array of lasers, part of a security system). So far i felt in love with MPIDE and there's no way to go back. Other people suggested using another cloud service like the free Amazon Web services or IFTTT to handle the WiFi alert signal. I started with flowcloud because the board was provided by Imagetech technologies and they said if i want to progra
  9. Hello, noob here I just started a project for my university BEng and is based on the chipKit WiFire provided by my supervisor. So far, i felt in love wth MPIDE because is so easy to use and it has all ready for me with 1 exception. The Flowcloud library. For the first 2 months and so I just figured out how to use MPIDE because the boards were from flowcloud so the USB-to-serial cable didn't work so I burned the Bootloader with Digilent's firmware. But now, I lost the Flowcloud app from the PIC chip that my project depends on so much because is required to use a cloud service. Anyhow, my requ