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  1. Hi Mike, Thank you for your help. I had indeed routed the PS2 data to LEDs and the values I got from the keyboard where the correct ones for all keys. I'm sending attached the files. The descriptions are based on the Mr. Pong's book - FPGA Prototyping by VHDL Examples. I created an output signal for each one of the extended keys - the up, left, right, down arrow keys and the alt-gr and ctrl keys. As I said, it works perfectly with the Spartan-3E board. With the Basys-3 and Nexys-3 board, only the right arrow key and the alt-gr and ctrl keys work perfectly. The others no.
  2. Hi, I created a VHDL description to work with the PS2 interface of a Nexys-3 board, but I'm having a problem with the arrow keys. The right arrow key - code E0 74 - works perfectly, but strangely the other three - codes E0 75, E0 6B and E0 72 - do not! I tested with the Ctrl key - code E0 14 - and with the Alt GR - code E0 11 - and they also work perfectly. Since I was unable to understand the problem, I tried with another board - a Basys-3 - and with Vivado. The behavior was exactly the same. Then I picked up an old Spartan-3E board with a true PS2 connector and the whole arrow keys and