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  1. Not sure if this will help but I had a similar question that I posted on 4 April titled "Getting pmod ports into a block diagram" It was answered by Andrew Holzer on 7 April. He referred me to some files to download, which I did and it got me going again. You did not miss any tutorial that I know if. Hope this helps. Snohomish
  2. Andrew, Yes, this works. Thank you I am surprised this ability of adding pmod ports was not already part of the general files one downloads for Arty, but with your post now, the answer is available should someone else need it. I am curious as to what the repository did to add the pmod ports? Un-commenting the pmod lines in the constraints file did nothing. Again, Thank you Snohomish77
  3. Hello, I have combed through the forums but still have not found the answer I am looking for. I have the Arty board and Vivado 2015.4. I can create a project and I can select the Arty board in that process. I create a Block diagram on which to start building my 'circuit'. At this point I try two different ways to get a pmod port on the board: I click on the 'Board' tab and I find all the input and output ports (led, led_rgb, buttons, switches, spi, etc and Connector JA thu JD). I try and bring a JA onto the block diagram and get a message "Conn JA board component cannot be connected because no possible options to connect". Second thing I try is to click on 'Add IP' and select AXI_GPIO. Double click that and have the option to re-customize this block. Under 'Board Interface' is a drop down menu with , again, all the input/output items on the Arty board, but no pmod ports. I have tried this with and without bringing in the latest constraints file (from Github) with the same negative results. What does it take to get the pmod ports (Connectors JA-JD) on the block diagram? Switches and buttons and leds do move to the Block Diagram and they create an AXI block when they do. So what am I missing? Thank you for your time and help.