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  1. Dear JColvin, Thanks for your reply. I look forward to the answer.
  2. Dear JColvin, I said " There isn't Nexys4-DDR card in Matlab-Simulink. " and you said " MathWorks creates and maintains those files for Simulink ". After this issue, I set myself the board information for Nexys4-DDR in Matlab-Simulink FPGA in the Loop (FIL) connection for Hardware and Simulink communication that I chose "Create custom board" section. I entered all the desired settings. But, again, it gave following the same mistake. I use Xilinx Vivado 2015.4 and Matlab R2015a programs and I'm using the JTAG connection. " source _vivado_program.cmd # set chain_position 0 # connect_hw_server -host localpost -port 60001 ERROR: [Common 17-170] Unknown option '-host', please type 'connect_hw_server -help' for usage info. "
  3. Dear JColvin, Matlab says in the Matlab Web site (http://www.mathworks.com/help/hdlverifier/ug/what-is-fpga-board-customization.html#btmi8jh-5) for JTAG Connection Requirements for FPGA-in-the-Loop that is: Digilent® download cable. If your board has a standard Xilinx 14 pin JTAG connector, you can obtain the HS2 cable from Digilent. I'm using a normal USB cable that came with the box of Digilent Nexys4 board. So, Do I have to take the Digilent HS2 cable for FPGA-in-the-Loop in Matlab-Simulink? Do or do not need the HS2 cable?
  4. There is a board file for FPGA in the Loop (FIL) application in Matlab-Simulink for Nexys4 board card. But, there isn't any file for Nexys4-DDR board in Matlab-Simulink. Can you help for this issue?
  5. I bought the Nexys4-DDR card. I wanted to try the Nexys4-DDR card in Matlab-Simulink FPGA in the Loop (FIL) connection for Hardware and Simulink communication. But I could see only NEXY4 card in Matlab-Simulink. There isn't Nexys4-DDR card in Matlab-Simulink. I chose the Nexys4 card for try. But when operations (with standart USB cable which from the Nexys4-DDR card box) gives an error in the final stage. Could you help on this issue?