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  1. I'll put this here just in case anyone else searches for this. I had to change the port number to get it to work. I found out what the port number was by looking (in Windows 7) at Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers > Unspecified > Digilent USB Device, then right click and select Properties, then go to the Hardware tab. Here it shows that it is using COM7. After I changed the port number to 7 and reprogramming the FPGA the UART communication worked.
  2. I just got an Arty board and have been going through the demo at I made it to section 4.2 and now I am stuck. I downloaded Realterm and installed it but am not seeing any results. Do you have more specific instructions about the required settings to get the terminal window to show the messages that are supposed to happen? Are there settings that need to be changed from the defaults other than the ones listed in the demo instructions? Under the Port tab what should the Port setting be? Do any of the other settings matter? Thank you
  3. I've seen several places in the information about the Arty board where it says I should read the "Getting Started with Vivado" guide. Where is this guide? I've searched for it and can not find it anywhere on the digilent website. Thank you.