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  1. Hi- I'm currently designing an interface board to the VHDCI connectors provided on the Genesys dev board (SKU 410-138). The schematic design doc is avalable on the resource link to the Genesys board, however not the PCB design doc. Where can I get a copy (i.e. PDF format) of the Altium PCB gerber files for this dev board? It will help me by providing guidance to design a reliable PCB with proper signal integrity by following similar layout/routing strategies. Additionally, the Genesys datasheet should have included application notes with PCB recommendations. Cheers, Emanuel
  2. Hello- The VHDCI connector available on Digilent's sales store (SKU 163-433) is the only place I could find this right angle, PLUG, PCB through hole mount connector. Who is the connector's manufacturer? I need to get the STEP file or any 3D cad file for this specific VHDCI connector so I can incorporate it to my mechanical drawing. Also, where can I get the STEP file for the Genesys dev board (SKU 410-138)? Looking at the resource documents, the schematics for this board were made with Altium Designer, so I assume there is a 3D-model somewhere. Thanks in advance! -Emanuel
  3. Greetings, I need to know what is the output characteristic impedance of the VHDC connectors on the Genesys Virtex 5 FPGA Develpment Board. The datasheet only says they are impedance-controlled matched pairs and the schematic does not have this info. Some online forums said SCSI is defined by ANSI X3.13, the nominal diff cable impedance is 122 Ohms and I want to check if my board IO is consistent with this standard or not. I need to design a mating board to convert high speed differential signals into single ended, and signal integrity is a big deal. Thanks in advance,