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  1. Yes, the MPLAB IDE doesn't detect the device, and yes I ensured proper jumper and plug configuration. I have the same problem on two boards and this has been tried on several computers.
  2. Good afternoon, A classmate and I purchased two chipKIT Pro MX4 boards for a class. They worked at first, but now they are unable to connect to any computer. When anything is sent to the board the following error is displayed: <prod>CerebotMX4ck by <man>Digilent Target detected Unable to connect to the target device. Failed to get Device ID Any thoughts?
  3. I need some more of the metal brackets that hold the IR sensors on the MRK + Line kit (SKU:240-050) but cant find any. I found a similar one (SKU: 240-023), but they don't have the lip to mount it. Is there a way I can order some with the lip?