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  1. Hi Albert, Yes, the 5.5 X 2.1 mm coaxial DC power connector is the correct size. Best regards, Ledlighter
  2. Thank you. It is becoming common to find Digilent products with incomplete specifications. I am grateful that there are those able and willing to answer such questions
  3. I can't find a specification for the number of counts per shaft revolution for the PmodENC? Can anyone help? It would be helpful if the actual encoder mfg and model were specified somewhere, as well. Thanks.
  4. How high? With such low resistor values you will likely encounter excessive heating. Using 100 V input, for example, the dissipation of the 9 kilohm resistor will be 0.9 W (which could let the smoke get out!).
  5. Thank you; that is helpful. It appears to me, from the drawing, that the entrance hole diameter is 6.0 +- 0.2 mm, so the 5.5 mm barrel size would be appropriate. I do not see a tolerance for the pin diameter, just the 2.0 mm diameter. This is subject to checking with real hardware, of course, but I'm going to try 5.5 X 2.1 mm. I appreciate your help.
  6. Are you sure? Do you mean 6.0 X 2.0 mm or are these rounded numbers? Digikey has a wide variety of this type of connector, but none are 6.0 mm OD. It would be strange for this to be a non-standard and hard-to-find size. The OD's near 6 mm that Digikey has are 5.5, 6.3, and 6.5 mm. The reference material available is really short-sighted for this connector.
  7. What are the diameters for the barrel and pin of J4, the external power connector on the AD2? This connector is J4 in Figure 23 in the reference manual, but I can't find any specification. This type of connector has several common sizes for both parts. Thanks for the help.