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  1. Hi, Currently I have an error when I try to compile the deWeServer example available on deipck library. For some reasons have some errors. Why is not declared the PIN_LED_STATE?? Regards
  2. Hi J Colvin , Do you have some new information to share me? I want to continue working this weekend, I will appreciate any kind of information about how to use the functions and parameters of the Chipkit libraries. Regards
  3. Hi, Currently I have an issue when I connect the Wi-Fire to wireless network using UDP protocol. It will be helpful if is some information about the fuctions availables on the libraries <DEIPcK.h> and <DEWFcK.h>. On this moment my target is to solve the error received from "IsIPStatusAnError(status)". I'm not sure which configurations are necessary to solve the error, the error is attached . This error comes when the following code trys to work. Could you give me information available to use the UDP protocol used on the sketch named "UDPEchoClient .pde"? Code involved in Yellow case RESOLVEENDPOINT: if(deIPcK.resolveEndPoint(szIPServer, portServer, epRemote, &status)) { if(deIPcK.udpSetEndPoint(epRemote, udpClient, portDynamicallyAssign, &status)) { state = WRITE; } } // alway check the status and get out on error if(IsIPStatusAnError(status)) { Serial.print("Unable to resolve endpoint, error: 0x"); Serial.println(status, HEX); state = CLOSE; } break;