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  1. Hi, I changed J16 but still no power at all. I think the connection of wf32 and 6008 is not the solution for my applikation. I will try it with a computer which is connected to the network. I will use the computer as a host and try to read the usb-port were the usb6008 is connected. Thank you for supporting me. Regards, Christoph
  2. Hi, i add the pictures of the Adapter and the jumper Blocks. As i read in the Manuale i had to connect position A, but I also can try position AB... Didnt work yet. The adapter provides 5V and 4A. I also bought it together whith the parts kit. Is the power enough? Regards, Christoph
  3. Hello, View month ago I bought Chipkit WF32 and National Instruments USB6008. I use Labview Maker Hub for programming. Now I want to combine both, WF32 and USB6008 via USB-Port of WF32. I wanted to use the USB as Host and connectet the WF32 to external power supply. I also connected JP9 and JP11 (both) with shorting blocks. The WF32 was also connected to the wlan to comunicate with my lapttop. But it didn't work. Normally the Power LED of USB6008 is running after connection with my laptop. After conne tion with WF32 there isn't any reaktion of the USB6008. I read that there a usb lib
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    Connection of Chipkit WF32 and NI USB6008 - Adapter