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  1. Yupp ur correct Red light is all ok. I program ur project and its programmed. I dont know what should be its output but yes its programmed
  2. Hello Everyone, I am trying to accessing the Switch of my zybo and generating the string of character if the switch changes, everything is going fine and well compiled. But when i plug in my zybo there is a red LED that keeps on glowing I dont know what problem is this. THe Project is programmed in Zybo but its not running. Can anyone please help why its keep on glowing. Before some days it was not glowing. Regards, Sami
  3. Yes i am looking to make an ip that will work with ZYNQ architecture, so i can interface it with the da2 pmod
  4. Than Jpeyron for your response. Can you please help me in one more thing. I like to send random digital values to DA2 and in response wants the equivalent voltages from the output of DA2 (which can be verify from Multimeter.) by making a custom IP. Do you have any idea how to do this. For this I will be making an ip for DA2 to interface with zybo over SPI communication.
  5. Hello Everyone, Is there any good resource or tutorial to interface DAC with Zybo board, i would like to interface the DA2 pmod with zybo by making a custom ip in Vivado (VHDL) and accessing that in Xilinx SDK. If anyone have experience let me know.
  6. Hi how are you all, i am sami ur rehman doing masters from germany in embedded system just starting up with zybo, anyone who can give me some useful link to master zybo... Thanks