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  1. Thank you Flyline. I am kind of disappointed to learn that my latest investment , the MX7 chipkit, requires me to remove a tiny resistor in order for it to work with Arduino IDE. Thanks a lot for your knowledge sharing.
  2. Hi JC Thanks for taking time to help out. It was a new board and I am only using Arduino IDE1.68 for MX7. So I assumed the bootloader is still in it. Do you know any document that might have document R159? I am still wondering why it has to be removed. Good Day,
  3. Hi Flyline: Thanks a lot for your replying, I was going to try it out immediately until I read to your step 2. I got this new purchased board, all things arrived as default. Therefore: Q1: How do you learn about the R159 needed to be removed? BTW, your attached PDF file was very helpful and thoughtful. Without that, it would take me only a night to find where is the R159. R159 is a soldered in resistor, done byt the factory. It is very tiny, I have no problem to remove it except chances are I will also remove the components around it. That will ended up another troubleshooting for new subject. What is R159 for? Q2: Why would the board not come with bootloader pre-loaded ? I assumed that after I open the chipkit shipping pkg, I can immediately upload my blink sketch (with the minor adjustment of Digital Pin params) with Arduino IDE (w/ ChipKit board downladed in it). So my assumption was very wrong ... Sincerely
  4. OS: Windows 7 64 bit. Arduino: v1.68 , , HW: ChipKit Pro MX7 (new purchased) Following the "Auto Install via URL inside the Arduino IDE" ( to install the ChipKit Core kit for the Arduino IDE. Running the "Blink" sketch. Error: "No Target Found" (Programmer for Microchip PIC32 microcontrollers, Version 2.0.186 No target found. Copyright: (C) 2011-2015 Serge Vakulenko) Can you advise if my wiring from PC to MX7 is correct? I use USB to MicroUSB cable to the Port on the MX7 labeled as "UART". J3 has UART pin shorted. After pwr on the sw, PC Device Manager see the port as "COM26". Arduino Board pointed to "MX7", Port pointed to "COM26". No other cable is connected to the MX7. Basically I run into the same error as "Flyline" had 3 months ago, except that I am using newer Arduino version. Thanks in advnce.