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  1. Hello, Thanks for the response. I hope in the future that there will be a couple of tutorials released for designing Vivado and SDK. Best regards, J.
  2. Hello, What is missing is a good tutorial that describes all the aspects of designing with Vivado and SDK, a tutorial that describes all the aspects in detail. Regards, J.
  3. Hello, What about direct use of the I2C pin SCL/SDA on the expansion header/ Arduino/chipKIT shield connectors. Regards, J.
  4. Hello, I am exploring the Arty board. I get the a Microblaze Base system up and running and like to start programming the system, more specific - the I2C (SCL/SDA) (HIH6130 sensor) - SPI pin (TLC5947). - Build IP block written in VHDL (PWM driver). Any starting points are welcome. Regards, J.
  5. Hello, Is there a Arduino Vivado SDK for the Arty board. So you can program Arty in the same way as you will do with Arduino. How to setup the MicroBlaze for this? Regards, J.
  6. Rockbird Vivado Design Suite - HLx Editions 2016.3, is correct. Regards, J.
  7. Hello, I have ordered the Artix-7 35T "Arty" FPGA Evaluation Kit to educate FPGA design (VHDL) using Vivado tool. Today, I am looking for some starting points: tutorials, websites, books, online courses, ... All help & tips are welcome. Thanks. JrV