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  1. tasnim


    Hello my card is Digilent anvyl I want to do serial communication with the hyperterminal, I make the selection of the COM port but it does not display anything I do not know what I'll do Help me please
  2. tasnim

    code SDK

    I saw the link that is not what I want .I want to do audio processing after the ADC signal acquisition with the FFT C code to implement the formula THD, SINAD, that exist under labview and matlab but Digilent anvyl the card does not make a communication with the software for processing the audio with it I want a solution help me thank you in advance
  3. tasnim

    code SDK

    hello , I do the processing of audio signal, first I want to do the Fourier transformed FFT after making the Harmonic distortion rate THD please help me to code this
  4. Hello My final project study regarding audio video test on Digilent anvyl, I found the demo anvyl but I want to do a modification on c code SDK for the processing of such signal to audio signal to noise ratio I need your help, thank you helloworld.c
  5. hello this is the file that i find https://reference.digilentinc.com/_media/anvyl:anvyl_demos.zip it contains the VGA file I posted yesterday the code on xilinx ise in the implimentation it displays blue and green and I want to change the display in character but I have not been able.
  6. hello I'm using anvyl board to work with VGA ,I find this code VGA in xilinx but it display Green and BLEU ,I want to change the view but I could not please help me FlyingLogo.xise
  7. Hello Alex ;

    I'm using anvyl Digilent Board please can you help me to find support file for anvyl because i need that in Xilinx platform studio EDK 

    thank you in advanced