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  1. Hi, I use a Chipkit microcontroller for this or a Arduino, https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/MasterWriter Hans.
  2. Atilla, Yes, sorry that I've ruined your time. I was totally on the wrong track with the dynamic cursor. Hans.
  3. Atilla, Thx for the quick answer, but that is not what I meant; here I positioned the cursors; and here, after "save as" (with acquisitions) i open the same workspace; Now only one cursor appears on my coincidental mouse position, I want the cursors on the positions where I saved them in pic 1. (if its possible) Thanks in advance, Hans
  4. Hi, Not a big thing but is it possible to store the cursor position (with data) in the workspace? In that way i can show a event duration compared to another event and store it. Thanks in advance, Hans
  5. hi, I am not used to the fact that i must type the file extension in the Filename box. But now i understand, thanks a lot!
  6. Hi Atilla, Thx for the Quick response the windows 10 error message is "The filename is invalid", no matter how i call the file or where i try to store the file. I tried this on 2 different computers. Hans.
  7. Hi, In the Protocol tool, the UART tab The ´Receive to File´ and ´Save´ button generate a windows error by me. Thanks in advance, Hans
  8. What i am trying to do here is to measure all signals on a WEMOS d1 mini stack with SD card, DHT sensor and a Relay and a LED all switched by an onboard webserver-web page. This is a IOT project as you can guess.
  9. Hello, I think the latest waveforms software is fantastic. However, I still have a problem with triggering, specifically protocol triggering. In the enclosed screenshot, I have a UART and OneWire and a SPI protocol decoder. If I choose Simple triggering, everything is ok, but if I choose Protocol-UART-TX-GPIO1 (UART decoder form the Protocol selection button pull down menu) then the OneWire and SPI decoders trigger-selection-arrows switch too! What I would like is that I can only choose the UART OR only the OneWire OR only the SPI decoder as suggested by te Protocol selection button pull-down menu. So I can see where I am triggering on. Am I right? or is what I ask impossible? Thanks in advance, Hans.
  10. WOW version 3.6.8 is amazing, AD2 with waveforms 2015 was already the best you can get for this money but now certainly takes a lead with an impedance analyzer too! I love it compliments to DIGILENT and their hard workers.
  11. Hi, @ Atilla too I still have the erratic triggering problem as discribed under here, perhaps we experience the same problem? Sorry if i make things only more complex but i hope that we find a solution for all. Greetings, Hans.
  12. Hi Atilla, Thanks for the quick response...top! I see now that it only works with Trigger: in the "Normal" position, not in the "Auto" position. Normaly i expect that "Auto" is always good. Hans
  13. Hi, In the attached picture i try to trigger in 2 way's 1. Protocol on value: h48[H] 2. Direct on the Falling edge Both ways don't work the system randomly triggers on what? Thanks in advance, Hans.
  14. Hi Rallez, I noticed a DC temperaturedrift of 40 mV over a timerange of 2 ours in my device, see here; I don't know if you see this too and i don't think you can use my workaround but perhaps this knowledge gives a route to to solve your problem. Have fun, Hans
  15. Hi, I noticed a strange behavior in the Logic tool, if i "Save" this workspace (notice Position: 475,6 us, Base: 116 us), And i save, close and open that same workspace again , i got this result; (notice Position: 472 us, Base: 236 us) Ik know its not a major / big problem i only try to improve things. Thanks in advance, Hans