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  1. Hi, I use a Chipkit microcontroller for this or a Arduino, https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/MasterWriter Hans.
  2. Atilla, Yes, sorry that I've ruined your time. I was totally on the wrong track with the dynamic cursor. Hans.
  3. Atilla, Thx for the quick answer, but that is not what I meant; here I positioned the cursors; and here, after "save as" (with acquisitions) i open the same workspace; Now only one cursor appears on my coincidental mouse position, I want the cursors on the positions where I saved them in pic 1. (if its possible) Thanks in advance, Hans
  4. Hi, Not a big thing but is it possible to store the cursor position (with data) in the workspace? In that way i can show a event duration compared to another event and store it. Thanks in advance, Hans
  5. HansV


    hi, I am not used to the fact that i must type the file extension in the Filename box. But now i understand, thanks a lot!
  6. HansV


    Hi Atilla, Thx for the Quick response the windows 10 error message is "The filename is invalid", no matter how i call the file or where i try to store the file. I tried this on 2 different computers. Hans.
  7. Hi, In the Protocol tool, the UART tab The ´Receive to File´ and ´Save´ button generate a windows error by me. Thanks in advance, Hans
  8. What i am trying to do here is to measure all signals on a WEMOS d1 mini stack with SD card, DHT sensor and a Relay and a LED all switched by an onboard webserver-web page. This is a IOT project as you can guess.
  9. Hello, I think the latest waveforms software is fantastic. However, I still have a problem with triggering, specifically protocol triggering. In the enclosed screenshot, I have a UART and OneWire and a SPI protocol decoder. If I choose Simple triggering, everything is ok, but if I choose Protocol-UART-TX-GPIO1 (UART decoder form the Protocol selection button pull down menu) then the OneWire and SPI decoders trigger-selection-arrows switch too! What I would like is that I can only choose the UART OR only the OneWire OR only the SPI decoder as suggested by te Protocol selection button pull
  10. WOW version 3.6.8 is amazing, AD2 with waveforms 2015 was already the best you can get for this money but now certainly takes a lead with an impedance analyzer too! I love it compliments to DIGILENT and their hard workers.
  11. Hi, @ Atilla too I still have the erratic triggering problem as discribed under here, perhaps we experience the same problem? Sorry if i make things only more complex but i hope that we find a solution for all. Greetings, Hans.
  12. Hi Atilla, Thanks for the quick response...top! I see now that it only works with Trigger: in the "Normal" position, not in the "Auto" position. Normaly i expect that "Auto" is always good. Hans
  13. Hi, In the attached picture i try to trigger in 2 way's 1. Protocol on value: h48[H] 2. Direct on the Falling edge Both ways don't work the system randomly triggers on what? Thanks in advance, Hans.
  14. Hi Rallez, I noticed a DC temperaturedrift of 40 mV over a timerange of 2 ours in my device, see here; I don't know if you see this too and i don't think you can use my workaround but perhaps this knowledge gives a route to to solve your problem. Have fun, Hans
  15. Hi, I noticed a strange behavior in the Logic tool, if i "Save" this workspace (notice Position: 475,6 us, Base: 116 us), And i save, close and open that same workspace again , i got this result; (notice Position: 472 us, Base: 236 us) Ik know its not a major / big problem i only try to improve things. Thanks in advance, Hans