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  1. Hi Philwmay , I am working with cmods6 and also trying to transfer a large file from the FPGA to the pc.

    did u have success in your application ?

    Do you have any idea about the byte rate that you got it ?

  2. I am measuring the PORTS IO , they are configured as inout and they have IO Buffer connected to them, the exactly same project from the website. When there is no load , the voltage is 3.3 V ! When I connect a LED or a LED plus resistors these INOUT ports have its voltage dropped to 1.8 V. Then I tried to set the pin as an output only and again , open is 3.3 V but when I connect a LED is 2.6 V . ARRRRGGHHH I might be doing some wrong.
  3. it might be my setup ! I am using a bread board with leds connected directly to the IOs which might be causing an increase of current which might be dropping the voltage , when I unplugged the LED , the IO register 3.3 V in the output.
  4. tks for ur support / answer jcolvin, I inserted CONFIG VCCAUX in an attempt to see if I could get 3.3 V in the output. My project is the one from the website and I didn't change it ...
  5. Hi, I am a new user of FPGAs and I have the CmodS6 kit and I am having in the IO 1.8 V and I need to change it to 3.3V , my ucf shows: NET "PORTA<0>" LOC = "P5" | IOSTANDARD = LVCMOS33 | PULLUP; Vcc is 5V from my usb port and I see at ucf CONFIG VCCAUX = "3.3"; I also had a look at ug381 cdg and ug382. Thanks for your help.