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  1. I add a wire to the 39 and 40, when I have the system up and running but when there is not wire, it should not be pulling from the rx
  2. I am using both Uart1 and Uart2 . I just do not get why everything I do not have anything connect to pin 40 and 40 it just repeats what us going to pin 39
  3. ok if I do not have wires going to pin 39 and 40 then when usart2 tries to tx out data it coming in to rx. why is that ? and how do i stop it ?
  4. Would the LoRa Shield work with the uc32 ? has anyone does this before ? did they have any problems with it ?
  5. Does the SparkFun XBee Shield work with the uC32? has anyone tried it before ?
  6. Max32_rm.pdf on page 2 called, chipKIT Max32 Hardware Overview, on connect 10 the last two pins are J15 and they are both ground right ? and the 1st two pins are J9 and they are 5V right ? The ones in between are J8 22-53? so the second to last roll on 10 is 52 and 53? I am using them to connect to Spi 2 so i need to make sure I have the right pins.
  7. what pins are connected to LD5 and LD4? because I do not see them on the domestication..
  8. I cant find any example of anyone using a pic32 with the Enc28j60H. I know how to set up SPI, I just do not know what to send to the Enc28j60H to get it to send out tcp/ip lines
  9. has any one used a UC32 with ENC28J60-H? I am trying to get that to work on, and if anyone has done this before and has some code I can see, that would help alot.
  10. Are there more uC32 shields, than this one : ?
  11. yeah I saw that, but I am sending 4mA to it and I am getting 4V back so it cant be 200 ohms. V = I * R so V should be 0.8V