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  1. HDMI DEMO Project - Problems VIVADO 2017.1

    Is there any warning or error message in Vivado?
  2. HDMI DEMO Project - Problems VIVADO 2017.1

    Looks like you are missing some ips. Have you successfully repo all ips? You can validate the hardware design in Vivado and see which main IP is missing
  3. Do you refer to If so, you don't need to use SDK since it only sticks to the logic part. What you need is to open the hardware manager and get Zybo Z7-10 connected.
  4. If I understand your question correctly, you want to adjust the voltage level in the power supplies? There isn't such feature in AD1. You can use Wavegen and choose DC waveforms and adjust the voltage level
  5. FPGA learning kit needed

    You can use Basys 3. There are open class materials
  6. Can you see Digilent USB driver in the windows device manager ?
  7. Arty Z7 - memory write error

    Can you set the jumper to JTAG?
  8. WiFi Module For Zedboard

    You can try Pmod Wifi
  9. WaveGenerator Transition

    Hi Xieo, the answer is probably what we get from the other post. @attila may be able to give some inputs.
  10. WaveGenerator Transition

    Do you want to do sweeping? If so, you can try the sweep in Waveforms
  11. Why switches have been used in this project?

    You can find that out at
  12. Arty Z-20 create_project failing in Vivado 2016.4

    Can you run "Please run report_ip_status for more details and recommendations on how to fix this issue. " and list the message from the report?
  13. Arty Z-20 create_project failing in Vivado 2016.4

    It looks like you have locked IP. This might be due to the change of Vivado version. You need to go back to hardware design to unlock the IP. Please regenerate your IP to make sure you can create wrapper in hardware design.
  14. CMOD A7 35T Does not boot from SPI flash

    Have you closed the Hardware Manager or Vivado? You can refer to the post
  15. Analog Discovery 2 and Matlab

    I don't think Analog Discovery 2 is VISA compatible. You can refer to the getting started guide to connect the Analog Discovery 2 with LabVIEW