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  1. Rowesca

    Zybo schematic DDR A14

    Hello all, i am designing my own board with the zynq and peaked at the zybo for a reference for the DDR3 because this is the frist time working with ddr3. I saw was that you are using the MT41J128M16JT-125, i also wantd to use this one, but i got confused by the fact that in the datasheet it says it does not have a A14 pin, only the x8 version but u have it in the schematic, am i missing something? greets
  2. I have a question regarding the software you get with the arty board. it is device limited, does this mean, you can only use it with that specific arty board? or let me say if i make a custom board with the xc7a35t, than i can also use this software. but just not with the xc7a15t