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  1. Resolved! The issue was with the MCLK I supplied not being x256 or x384 for the 32kHz sample rate. Once I got this settled, then I had the sound I was looking for. Thanks for the help!
  2. After relooking at my MCLK input, I think it is the problem. Due to the available PWM settings of the PIC32, my clock output to MCLK is definitely not an integer division like in the datasheet. Does anyone know of a good circuit or component to multiple the LRCLK from 32kHz to 8.1920 (x256) or to 12.288 (x384)? I prefer this route (i.e. to just multiple the LRCLK). Thanks
  3. So are you currently driving the SCLK? I prefer this way, but not working.
  4. I'm using the PIC's PWM to generate the MCLK. But I did notice the duty cycle is not a perfect 50% of the pulse width. Plus, the MCLK might not be an even integer because I'm limited on the exact frequencies. But.... if I'm supplying a 'perfect' SCK, is the MCLK so critical? The PIC's I2S peripheral gives a very good BCLK which I have connected to the SCK of the PMOD. Thanks for pointing out the past pinout issue. I do have the correct datasheet. I verified it with the CS4344 datasheet also and the PCB traces.
  5. Hi Hamster, I have an oscilloscope 2 channel 100MHz. I'm able to see what's going into the pmod. I checked out your suggested Saleae and I do like the multi-16 channel one! I'll add this to my wish list. I don't have a FPGA, but unless I'm mistaken I should still be able to using PIC32 to do the same thing. I'm successfully communicating with another I2S device. But just for kicks, what FPGA are you using? Also, yes I would greatly appreciate scope traces and timing info. How sensitive is the master clock frequency of the PMOD? Thank you!
  6. Hi JColvin. Thanks for responding. Yeah any help will be appreciated. Getting I2S data to a speaker has been a challenge for me. I was excited about this module, but am definitely needing some help. I read thru the CS4344 datasheet and still not seeing anything that I'm not already supplying to it. It mentioned about 5v and 3.3v supply. I'm using 3.3v because the PMOD datasheet recommended it.
  7. I trying to use the PmodI2S for the first time, but am unable to get sound from the port. I read thru the post "Pmodi2s Stereo Output Pmod - How Can I Get This Thing To Work?", but unfortunately it didn't solve my issue. I'm sending I2S audio to the pmodI2S module with a PIC32. The PIC32 is toggling the MCLK pin at 8.3 MHz (I've also tried 11 MHz). Here are the frequencies on the pins, verified with a scope: - MCLK (pin 1): 8.3 MHz (Supplied by PIC32) - LRCK (pin 2): ~31.45 kHz (2x channels) - SCK (pin 3): 2 MHz (I've tried it with the PIC32 supplying this and without