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  1. I am using zc706 hdmi port for doing video.But it does n't show the output.Any one who worked on this ,please do help..
  2. @bhall Thanks a lot bhall for giving info.I got this elf bootloader working when I started from scratch.
  3. I flashed using the elf bootloader with unchecking the convert option,But it is not loading elf.
  4. I am doing elf bootloader instead of SREC. Anybody please provide flashing steps after the application is ready. Should I uncheck corvert to SREC during flashing elf??
  5. I did the compression and the commenting verbose.But still it takes huge time to load elf from flash.FPGA programming from flash is happening fast.
  6. Quad spi is working in normal mode for me.But my required data elf is of higher size.So I want to use XIP mode operation to bring this transfer much faster.Any one please give your valuable information here.