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  1. Hello everyone, I've been using LabView for many years and built countless devices that have been controlled with it. The emergence of many mini-computers and controllers, like Raspberry Pi and Arduino, looks very promising. One thing I'm no too enthralled with, learning new code,,, hope there is a solution for coding in LV and having it compiled to run on many of these devices,,,
  2. It appears that LabView only accesses the IO features on the targets through Linx and does not get compiled and run independently. Am I correct? Or is there a circumstance where LabView code can be compiled and run as a stand alone? (I'm looking into the WF32 for a stand alone project.)
  3. I have a full suite of LabView already, can I use it instead of the "Home Bundle"? Also, will PID VIs work on the WF32? And can it communicate with I2C based temperature sensors?