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  1. Hello all This is related to the current hardware: Chipkit Max32 with Network Shield. Issue: Xively library files will not work with chipkit max32+ethernet shield. I have been suffering this change for a while, the MPIDE 2015 release got botched with the arduino update. I had to download the 2015 test release or rely on the totally functional 2013 release. Currently using the MPIDE 2015 test release. So, later on, getting the Xively library files proved to be difficult to utilize, errors on top of errors. Other option was to use the chipkit-core library files also available for Arduino IDE. But the network shield fails to operate. Xively library files worked without any errors. Now, I can either work with xively library files on Arduino IDE or operate the network shield through the MPIDE. Has anyone figure out if there is a solution for any of my issues? Debugging the code is insane after the update.