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  1. Would it make the Analog Discovery 2 more powerful device if it is added the feature to measure current too? Furthermore it can still draw the IV-Characteristic curve using XY draw function in Oscilloscope for which we use some low value resistor etc. But will it be not more easy to use and be precise if it has built-in current measurement capability and can draw the IV-Characteristics directly for device under test?
  2. I am a recent fan of Digilent. As a student I would like and recommend to have a fine measurement device like Analog Discovery 2 in combination to any digital/analog development. It provides a great insight into the working of your device, doesn’t matter either it is FPGA, Microcontroller based design, or purely Analog. One important point I would like to raise is that I have right now downloaded the Waveforms software of Analog Discovery 2 in order to see in detail that what it offers. I found that in the section of power supply, there is no option available to get 3.3V out of Analog Dicove