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  1. Okay I have tried to connect my Kit to my Mac however the 2015 software is telling me "No device detected". Yes, I have installed the driver. I restarted my Mac and it found it... No more questions for now. Thank you. Sean
  2. My only worry was that the back of my Design Kit says "Requires Windows XP or Higher"
  3. That is Waveforms 2015 correct? So you are saying if I have the Analog Discovery (NOT Analog Discovery 2), it will work with Waveforms 2015 and with my Mac?
  4. Hi, per my professor's requirement's, I bought The Analog Discovery (link here) which I believe interfaces with the original Waveforms software linked here: . I have a Mac running OS X and am worried these will not work with my system. Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated. Sean