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  1. Hello All, I am new to these forums, but I am looking for some guidance on a home design I am working on. I have 2 Nexys2 boards that I want to attach transceivers to each of them so I can send data between the two Nexys2 boards. Does anyone know of any solution available to accomplish this. I know the Nexys2 boards are old, but I own 2 of them and it will save me money to use them versus buying 2 new Xilinx FPGA boards to accomplish this task. Please advise if anyone is aware of possible solutions for this task. Thanks Sincerely, MH301
  2. Hi Hamster, I am new to this forum and I was interested in your project. Because I have a project I am trying to complete and I was looking to find out if these would work with my project? I have two Nexys2 FPGA boards and I need to transmit wireless data back and forth between the two boards. I am going to have a motion sensor on one of my Nexys2 boards and I just want to transmit back to the other Nexys2 board the indication that that motion detector has been tripped through a wireless medium. Does that seem like something that could be done using two of these ESP8266 modules?
  3. Hello to All, My name is MH and I am new to this forum, and I only have a couple of years of experience creating VHDL for Xilinx FPGA's. I have been designing, testing, and laying out a myriad of printed circuit boards over my almost 20 year career. Believe it or not I still have a love for this profession. As I am relatively new to using Digilent Nexys boards I thought this would be a good forum to join to learn and help if I can. Thanks Sincerely, MH