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  1. Hey guys, go to this link: Down near the bottom on the right side of the page in the design resources section, it should be the last link in there.
  2. Hi, I get the error message: Error opening JTAG UART @ localhost:-1 when trying to run the lwip echo server implementation in Xilinx SDK. Has anyone else run into this issue and have a solution? Thanks, Troy
  3. Alright thanks JC, let me know when you hear something. Thanks, Troy
  4. Hi, I'm using the Zybo as a peripheral to emulate a power supply and need it to communicate with pc. I'm using ethernet to communicate back and forth and was wondering if lwIP was that best way to go about this. Any input is appreciated. Thanks, Troy
  5. Troy

    ZYBO lwIP Implementation

    Is anybody aware if there is an lwIP implementation available for the Zybo? I have seen it mentioned in some documentation but haven't been able to find it. Thanks, Troy
  6. Thanks Kaitlyn! I'm actually currently looking at your Embedded Linux Tutorial on Instructables for getting FreeRTOS running on the Zybo. Also, one of the places where it is referenced is in the second paragraph of Stage 2
  7. Hi everyone, I can't seem to find the that everyone says is "on the ZYBO product page on the Digilent website." Can anyone point me towards where I can find it or post a link to it? Thanks, Troy