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  1. Thank you! How can I add trigger condition? The excitation is an impulse.
  2. I want to do frequency response measurement using external excitation signal. Is it possible? The network/impedance analyzer seems limited to using Wavegen to generate excitation signal. Spectrum doesn't seem to allow math operation of FFT CH1/FFT CH2. Any suggestion?
  3. I can hear noise from AWG (Simple->Sine) when changing frequency initial to a new value. Is it normal? Anyway to avoid that?
  4. Hi, It might be a question asked before. Is there any limitation on the size (or length) for importing an audio file (WAV file)? Thank you. Suk Tan
  5. Thanks! Is it in the list of new features?
  6. Do we have cursor or marker in logger waveform display? Thank you.
  7. suktan


    Is it possible to generate a logsweep sine from AWG "Sweep" without writing an equation in "Custom"? Thank you!
  8. Is it possible to have two scope windows, each for one channel?
  9. Is it possible to add marker (cursor) in XY view?
  10. When the Logger's update is equal to 100 ms, are the two scope channels sampled at 100 ms each?
  11. How can I make burst in Wavegen? I want to generate say 10 cycles of a 1kHz sine with off period of 1 sec.