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  1. Aayala


    Hi, Andrew A lot of thanks for the information that you provided me. I'm going to review it and try to apply in my project. Greetings, Aayala.
  2. Aayala


    Hi JColvin! Thank you so much to try to help me. I'm new in this area and this will be useful to the final project of mi career. I need only one output with the two signals. I wanna start with this, because it will be the first part of the other project about audio processing, specifically a treatment to the signals with an adaptive filter. If you can give me information about adaptive filters in vivado too, I would appreciate it.
  3. Aayala


    Hi everybody! I need help with a project. I'm a new user of zybo development board and I donĀ“t know how to process audio. I want to a input audio by the line in and other sound by the mic in, and in the output I want the two signals. I need information about vivado and sdk. I have read information about the board and I understand that I need to create a new IP to the audio control. But I do not know how to program the IP block neither tha software in SDK.