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  1. Sorry about the "Board files" issue. I skipped Step 1 b/c since I already have Vivado installed previously; so that's where the issue comes from. It would be nice to mention in the tutorial where user select Zybo board and it's not in the pulldown menu, then go to step 1b or somehow providing a link for them to install the board files and restart Vivado.
  2. Thanks J. Colvin. My problem is trying to create a hdf file, a file interfacing between sw and hw after FPGA engineers generate the bitstream, so I can build my Bootloaders+linux. I strongly suggest you guys should mention where to get the "board files" in the tutorial when a newbie first read the tutorial and didn't see it as an option. Saves a lot of time. Another question is how to add -g for FSBL + U-boot during compilation so symbols are added in the .elf file. Where do I have to change? I am using PetaLinux from Xilinx. For Kernel, this link provide assistance. My question is where can I change in the menu config? I can perform grep+find to edit them but I would like a nice interface. I don't see Kernel Hacking and Kernel Debugging anywhere in my main menu after typing petalinux-config. Phong.
  3. Another thing, according to Step 5 of the instruction states to select "Zybo" like below: However, I am using Vivado 2015.4 and don't see a Zybo choice. What should I do? Is there a pre-built .hdf file for code compilation? Another question is, is there a BOOT.BIN (sd image) without the need for .bit file. I just want something that boots up without first going through the tutorial of creating the design and compiling code. Phong.
  4. Thanks for the pointer. Upon further reading, the doc. is for Zed Board. What I have is a ZYBO board. The link for "Using the Prebuilt Linux Image": is Under Construction. Can you point me to where I can get the prebuilt image? BTW: I use the prebuilt image for the ZedBoard from the link you provided and nothing shows up. By that, there is no U-Boot log at all when compared to Boot from Flash. I do see a few "funny character" on my Tera Term settings to 115200 baud rate with 8n1 settings. I also see a few "funny characters" if I press the Reset button twice. Phong.
  5. Hi, This is a fairly trivial question. But links on the documents are broken. I just get a Zybo board. All I want is to boot Linux with the bootloader from SD card and use ramfs (or any of its derivative like initramfs, ramdisk, etc.). Looking at Getting Started With Embedded Linux - ZedBoard with revision: Jan 13, 2013, the link points to more of a sell's man folks rather than technical folks. Under "Using a BusyBox Ramdisk", where can I find "ZedBoard_Linux_Design/sd_image/ramdisk8M.image.gz? Under "Obtaining the BOOT.BIN File", again, the same link. Where do I get a prebuilt BOOT.BIN for Zybo board? On a separte note, I also use PetaLinux from Xilinx to generate BOOT.BIN successfully and copied to SD Card for boot from SD Card. At this time I see nothing on the console. I already make the change on the jumper JP5 to boot from SD card and the SD Card is formatted to FAT32. Advice along with pointers to where can I get the doc. or what I need to read next. Phong.