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  1. Fantastic Kaitlyn; thank you for the very complete response, and for disabusing me of thinking Vivado supports Spartan 6 devices. This gives me all the traction I need for now. Much thanks! - Jim
  2. I'm a college professor trying to select a toolchain for an upcoming class based on the Cmod F6 board (a Xilinx Spartan 6). I am new to FPGAs; moving over from an analog background to cover for a colleague who is retiring, so all this is quite new to me. Xilinx seems to want new users to use their Vivado toolset rather than ISE Webpack. In fact, it appears the Vivado is the only choice to run on our lab computers that now run Windows 10. Vivado supports the Spartan 6 on the Cmod F6, so that part seems to work. My questions: 1) What is the purpose of Digilent Adept - just to load the binaries or is it a replacement front-end for the Vivado synthesis tool? Or is it simplest to work entirely within Vivado? (if not, will Adept work on Win 10?) 2) How does one get the FPGA code to run when power is applied, ie to run from the non-volatile storage? It seems programming the SPI flash requires Xilix's iMPACT software, which is only available for their deprecated ISE Wepack, not Vivado. Or does one install just the iMPACT tool from Webpack on top of the Vivado installation? I'm sure these are common questions - how to get Digilent's FPGA Cmod board programmed using the current Windows OS; my apologies for being too new to this to figure it out. Thanks for any guidance that will help my students!