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  1. Hi all, I've recently bought an Arty board (Microblaze processor) and some Pmods (PmodDPOT, PmodDAs, PmodADs), which use SPI protocol. I've looked everywhere for an example on how to access the Pmod headers or just how to use Pmods with the Arty but I couldn't find anything (even on the reference wiki page for the Arty). I found a library for SPI on Xilinx SDK which is called Xspi but I also am not sure how to use it. Can anybody perhaps help me by giving me the basic steps on how to do this? I'm very new to FPGA, so any feedback or suggestions are welcome! Thanks Viv
  2. Hi James,

    I have recently bought a PMODDPOT and an Arty board from digilent. I'm very new to FPGA (Vivado, Xilinx SDK, etc). I'm having troubles understanding how to use the PMOD headers with the Arty board. Till now I've succeeded in controlling the LEDs and Switches (basically the XGPIOs, because it's there in xparameters.h header file), but I can't seem to find a library or c/header file to access the Pmod headers. Can you help me?

    1. JColvin


      Hi vivienc,

      I'm personally not very familiar with FPGAs so I can't help you directly unfortunately, but if you post this in the FPGA forum I can help make sure your question gets answered in a public setting so that anybody else who also has your question can see the answer too.