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  1. Hi, With Waveforms, I can output the DC voltage of the digital signals, i.e. 3.3V on DigitalDiscovery. But with a python script, I use : # set voltage to 3.3 V (DD) dwf.FDwfAnalogIOChannelNodeSet(hdwf, 0, 0, c_double(3.3)) # enable positive supply dwf.FDwfAnalogIOEnableSet(hdwf, 1) # enable VIO But, I cannot the get the 3.3V voltage reference. What is missing ? Thanks, BRgds, Laurent
  2. Hi Attila, I spend a week to try to generate the following signals, but I still cannot rise the signals at different times. I tried with 2 methods : pulses and arbitrary pattern, but none of them gave me successful result. I know that the timing are not good, because I was trying to get the right pattern at first. I don't know how to a rising edge at a different time for my 2 signals. I already spend several days on it using the waveforms_sdk_rm.pdf BRgds, Laurent
  3. Hi, I still use the loop between the output and inputs as shown on the pictures above to check my patterns written in Python. I need to send one burst of signals with a depth of 32101. But, I don't know what to write in the 2 registers dwf.FDwfDigitalOutRunSet() and dwf.FDwfDigitalOutRepeatSet(hdwf, c_int(1)) ? Whatever I set in these commands, the pattern is repeated. I guess it is due to the fact I read them back, but is there a way to check that are not repeated ? Here are the plotted result and the python script I use - the configuration is above in the photo. BRgds, Laur
  4. How to set the channel to trigger on ? dwf.FDwfDigitalInTriggerSourceSet(hdwf, c_ubyte(3)) # trigsrcDetectorDigitalIn dwf.FDwfDigitalInTriggerSet(hdwf, c_int(0), c_int(0), c_int(0x0003), c_int(0x0003)) What c_ubyte(3) refer to ? It seems to be kink to channel 0, how to chenge it if I want to trigger on channel 1 ou 2 ? Laurent
  5. Thank you, I just modified the way to plot to understand each signal ... By the way, how can you get your data back into Waveforms when the pattern is generated with a python script ?
  6. I tried it with a feedback loop to the inputs (as shown below) to check it, and, with the attached code. But the output signals remains flat at 0 ... Laurent
  7. Hi, I am writing a python script to output patterns on my digital discovery. I need to have a reset at 0 during 100ns on DIO24=channel 0, then 20000pattern that are repeated. But I do not want to repeat the reset. I have tried many commands of the SDK ref manual, including Reset = 0 dwf.FDwfDigitalOutRepeatTriggerSet(hdwf, c_int(Resetn), c_int(1)) # repeat = false But, no way the reset is always repeated. How to proceed ? BRgds, Laurent
  8. Thank you ! Using dwf.FDwfAnalogIOChannelNodeSet with the Digital Discovery was a little disturbing for me, but it works fine ! By the way, is there a method to output the 100MHz ? or is the maximum clock frequency limited to 50MHz ? Laurent
  9. Hi, How to change the digital voltage and drive of the output pins dIO31-24 with a python script driving a digital discovery ? How to read the current of the vIO with a python script ? And how to turn it on ? Thank you, Laurent