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    Pmod I2S2

    Could you please check the specification table in the reference manual: https://reference.digilentinc.com/reference/pmod/pmodi2s2/reference-manual#specifications Audio Input Sample Rate (Single-Speed Mode) is given twice (with contradicting values).
  2. You can set the port name in the external interface properties. For a custom I/O, Vivado instantiates tristate buffers (IOBUF) in your HDL wrapper. For the constraints, you can look up the pin name of the tristate signal in the HDL wrapper.
  3. Please check whether ZYNQ is configured correctly. You can check this for example in the clock configuration: The clock should be configured to 50 MHz for the ZYBO. If not, remove ZYNQ and re-add it, then "Run Block Automation".
  4. I am trying to use older PAL devices with a Vcc requirement of 5 V on the EE . When using a Switch or Push Button in the Static I/O Module, the output levels are: HIGH: 3.3 V LOW: 1.6 V The low level is obviously too high. Is EE's Static I/O not intended for 5 V?