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  1. Jensen

    Genesys 2 FT2232H

    Hello, I have a Digilentinc Genesys 2 board, my project needs to communicate between a PC and the FPGA. Because the data needs to travel at high speed I use the FT2232H-chip. I already can send data from the pc to the FPGA. But sending data from the FPGA to the PC isn't possible. My code(Verilog and Labview) works with a custom board with the same FT2232H-chip but not with the Genesys2. The problem is that the USB_TXEN doesn't go LOW. Is it possible that I need to set the USB-jumper(s) on another position? Does anybody know another source of this problem? With friendly regards, Jensen
  2. Jensen

    Adept DPTI

    Hello, I have a Genesys 2 board, in the wiki-page there is a description that an API for DPTI is in the SDK but i haven't found it yet. Can someone help me with the API? With friendly regards, Jensen