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  1. Hi Attila, I don't know how to setup stream with event view. The time base is always automatically selected/set according to the sample rate I choose. I cannot define a base on which I can actually read the data words transmitted (4x32bit @ 2,5MHz - about 60µs transfer time; this happens about 5-10 times per 20ms) - the event window shows no usable results. Could you please advise me, how to set up the instrument, so that the time base is around 20µs (then it displays the data words) and it records many of them without storing the zeros in between? Best regards,
  2. Hi Attila, thanks a lot for your fast reply! I will try to solve my problem with the new Waveforms software. Best regards, Arthur
  3. Hello, you made great products with Analog Discovery and Electronics Explorer, especially since Waveforms 3 offers even more functionality! For Debugging especially the Logging-function is useful. In my case I'm sending SPI signals to a FPGA which controls a power electronics circuit. Some times there are glitches or faulty output values, so that I wanted to check the sent SPI signals. Therefore I want to log them and make a statistical analysis, since the errors are not periodical. I output a 50Hz sinus signal and send about 10 SPI commands per period. As sending the signals is much faster th